Love Does Separate Us

I found this poem in my notebook while i was trying to clean my room sooo im not too sure if its a GOOD poem but what the heck...Hope you like it =)

Created by XxLovexRileyxX on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Through all time, love has strung beautiful art,

Does love now weave this vision in my heart?

Have two stars been taken straight from the sky,

Do they look back at me as I look into your eyes?

Love does separate us in lands so far,

Love does make this a trial so hard.

May I ask for one night to shrink this land,

May I have you just one night, just to reach your hand?

If my wish I may have not, let us kiss with our minds,

Let our words carry us together on winds of divine.

Love does separate us in lands far away,

But if love does ring true, I'll get to you some way.

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