Mrs. Right

Hey. Comment and rate. My friend Lissa asked me to write this for a girl named Michelle. Michelle...I hope you get the message pretty soon. Lol. Thanks.

Created by Twilightmaniac16 on Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why does it always come to this
Why must you always go this far
You have got to be high
To keep coming around
And forcing yourself on him
My boyfriend
Are you kidding me

I don't blame you
He's really one special dude
But if you haven't heard I'm not the sharing kind
And I'm not afraid to be rude
And you should know
That me and him go way back
And there's no way in hell I'd let someone new
Like you
Take him away from me
What do I have to do to make you see
See he's with me
And that's just the way he wants it to be
I hate to do this
Make such a big scene
If only you were smart enough to see
See that he's in love with me
Right down the very core
And he ain't interested in anything else
Doesn't want nothing more
Especially someone that bounces from one guy to the other
Like some kind of whore
Do I have to say more
I didn't think so
You can ask him point blank if he's interested
And he'll flat out tell you no

Yes you're pretty
Pretty plain
Yes you're pretty smart
Smart to be looking away
No need to stay
Stick around
I'd hate something to happen
But I'd love to see your ass hit that hard ground
Get your pretty head out of the clouds
And I see you
Don't think I didn't see you over there
I see that sly look
Coast is clear you think
And slither your way towards him
Like a snake
But we all know you're fake
And there's a lot at stake
If you move your way towards him
Just think of that
Take a bite out of that
How sweet does it taste?

Tight jeans
And small top with long lucious hair
You'd make any guy fall head over heels
But I'm a new brand of chick
One that makes the boys stick
So sit down and take some pointers
You just might learn something
But sweeties
Look at me
I'm no you
But he seems to think I'm more than you'll ever be

So calm down
He has one arm hooked around my waist
And keeps kissing my cheek
Doesn't look to available to me
Doesn't take a lot to see
See that you're all wrong
See it's me who he holds onto tight
And that I don't want to fight
But you're pushing it
Because if you haven't met me allow me to introduce myself as Mrs. Right

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