Dirty, Funny Poem.

This was a poem that I wrote last night for a friend. He's a really close friend, lol. Well, I sent it to him and h laughed SOO hard. So, I thought I'd share it with you all. Haha, rate. [btw, nothing in this poem happened lmfao]

Created by FromFiction on Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Rob you make my buttons turn the right way, the way you eat the strawberries off my bum hole.
When you fuck me you make me spray,
It's nice to know a guy who can touch me that way.
You make me so horny that my nipples harden so that I could dial a phone,
And the orgasms we have pown.
I love the way you ouch my body all over,
And I already know that you like it when my lip ring scrapes your porker.
When I undress I can feel you staring so I punch you in the face,
Butit just gives you an erection and you jizz all over the place.
Your dick is wet and your pebbles are drained,
Because Rob just came :)

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