Thank You My Angel

:) Thanks Gary Barlow, my bestest friend

Created by GoddessXRoses on Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Once I dropped my pen,
My inspiration gone,
My soul became the living dead,
Singing and empty song,

I lost my values,my dreams, and my identity,
I lost sight of who I was,
Swallowed by a fake reality,
I forgot who to trust,

But one day came,
And I was saved.

You appeared from heaven and grabbed my hand,
Destroyed all the lies and allowed me to see,
The willpower I have to withstand,
You resuced me from drowning into fantasy,

Thank you for everything you've done,
For rescuing me and the war won,
Thank you for saving me,
Once again me and my pen shall sing.

:) Thank you Gary for everything

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