Vlad Tod one shot for muzicXtwixXbarzXlove

its a poem cause stories wouldn't let me publish -.-

Created by GaaraXxXlovesXxXme on Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emily brushed her chocolate hair once more before staring into the mirror. Another day at the shit hole bathory high. She caked on black eyeliner that made those crystal blue eyes pop, and shine in the light of her bedroom. She took out a cut off blood on the dance floor shirt, throwing it on over a black tank top. Along with it, she wore black skinnys and vans. When she exited her house, there was Vlad, waiting for her with Henry, as usual. Her heart swelled in her chest as she took in Vlad's looks. His midnight black hair was so gorgeous...it suited him very well. She couldn't help but to stare as she walked over to them.
"Jeez, can't stop staring at Vlad, can you Emily?" Henry asked, and grinned.
Emily nudged him hard in the side, and saw Vlad's face turn pink.
"I just liked his hoodie." She said quietly, trying to hide her embarrassment. She swung her bag over her shoulder, making sure it nailed Henry in the arm before they started on their walk to Bathory high school.
"I wonder what's going to happen today." Henry said, starting up a conversation. Henry, of course being mr. popular would parade around the school, with all of his "friends" and leave Vlad in his shadow, just like every other day.
Vlad would get stalked by Eddie, as always, and Emily would hang out with the goth kids.
"I think we should break the norm. cycle." She chimed in, "Vlad, why don't you hang out with Sprat,and the gang?"
"Ah, why not." he said, and laughed at Henry, who was frowning.
"Why can't i come?" he said sarcastically, then laughed along with Vlad.
Emily just sighed, and entered the school, "Come on Vlad."
Vlad waved to Henry, who set off to the popular group. Emily hurried inside, pulling Vlad with her. She felt herself get hot. She was holding Vladimir Tod's hand...and not like the "pulling someone somwhere" hand hold. His fingers were intertwined with hers, nice and tightly, like a couple. Obviously he realized too, because when Sprat, October, Andrew and Kristoff came up, he dropped her hand.
"Don't think i didn't noticed that hand holding!" October said loudly, and smiled at them both as their faces turned bright pink.
"I was dragging him inside.." Emily replied in protest.
She saw a hurt look in Vlad's eyes, which made her wonder....Did he think it was more? No... he couldn't There's no way he'd like someone like her. He went for....preppy....chicks. Not the goth kids like her. Maybe he just felt weird. Emily couldn't decide.. she pulled October away from the group, and said, "Do you think... theres any way that Vlad would like me..?"
"Emily, of course!" October said, "He wouldn't have turned red when i mentioned that hand thing, or even taken it to the heart when you said it was nothing. Try asking him to hang out."
Emily nodded. She would when they were alone...if they ever were. When the two girls returned to the group, Sprat handed Emily some pixy stix, and they all headed to their classes.
Emily hurried to Vlad's locker, and luckily beat Henry.
"Hey um...Vlad..." she said in a choked voice. Her nerves were getting the best of her. Apparently he was tounge tied too. They both were growing hotter.. Emily didn't know what to do. Nothing was being said so spontaneously, she decided too....
She stood on her tippy toes and placed a small kiss on his lips, and to her surprise, he returned it. It couldn't have been any better. His lips were so soft as they moved against hers. It was a moment of perfection. He entangled one hand in her hair, adding more passion to the kiss, and when she finally pulled away, both were smiling from ear to ear.
"Wanna hang out some time?" she asked more confidently now.
"Are you trying to ask me out?" he said, and laughed when she nodded.
He kissed her once more, and took her hand, leading her to the lunch room.
Emily guessed that meant yes, and she was so damn happy. She'd had a crush on Vlad for so long, but never believed that someone so sexy and sweet could fall for someone like her.
Before they sat down, he whispered in her ear, meet me at the school tonight at midnight. She smiled, then sat with their friends, who were uber excited to see that they had finally gotten together. The rest of the schoolday flew by, and before Emily knew it, she was climbing out of her bedroom window, and running to Bathory high. She didn't know what to expect from Vlad, but she knew he didn't want the others to see. She creeped behind the school, staying out of sight. She kept looking behind her as she came closer to the back of the school, and bumped into someone, hard. The two bodies stumbled to the ground, and Emily landed on top. She looked down to see Vlad lying under her.
"Glad i broke your fall." he said, and laughed, wrapping his arms around her waist.
She giggled and kissed his nose
"So why did you want me to come here?"
she asked, then climbed off of him.
"Well... i wanted to show you something..." he said, "Only Henry knows.. and you have to keep your lips sealed... if any one else finds out i'd have to most likely move...or die."
"Vlad... you don't have to share something so serious with me..." she said quietly, "but if you do, i won't say a word. Promise."
"Close your eyes." he said, and she did so.
She felt him wrap his arms tightly around her, and her feet lift off of the ground. She was so confused as to how he was lifting them, but he did. Soon, she felt her feet touch solid ground again, and opened her eyes. She and Vlad were standing in the sill of the belfry, atop Bathory high. Her eyes widened in amazement.
"How did you...?" she stammered, before jumping down to the inside of the belfry. All around her were pictures a chair and a few books.
"This is kind of like... my thinking chamber" he said to her, "and to get up here, i levitate."
"That's so cool!" she squealed, "You gotta teach me how too!"
"You can't learn..." he whispered, "Emily... I'm half vampire.."
He flashed his fangs in the dim moon light, and saw Emily take a step back.
"No... i won't hurt you." He said," I don't feed straight from the source.."
She came closer to him, and touched one pearl white fang gently, so it wouldn't prick her finger.
"Vlad...that's so amazing..." she said and hugged him tight, "I never thought..."
He smiled at her. He was so happy to have a person that he could share his secret spot with, and who didn't freak that he sucked blood. And Emily was happy that her new boyfriend was sexy, sweet and half vampire! The two stayed in the Belfry for a while, Vlad showed her the picture of his parents, telling her his life story. This was just the beginning of a very happy future <3
end (:

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