hate to sound like one of those geeks who blames the man for all their problems but- 'the system' is fucked up- at least some of it ******this poem is super long [hehehehhh] so sorry if it just seems like im ranting- i kinda am

Created by 0xAcesHigh on Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why do you act
act like we ought to
ought to do everything
everything flawless
I cant do it
and you'll just have to accept it
accept that you dont controll me through words
words from a megaphone with nothing behind it
your expectations are insaine
Im a person who can't know just pain
I have needs I have wants
withmy own personal haunts
you say you understand
and that you had it worse
that dosent break the curse
I can so tell your lying
its pathetic
its gross
but I dont have time to give pity
I cannot function with you up in my face
youre not my sargent
so grow up and back down
If your so paramount go do somthing worthy
I am 100% capable of doing
but you act like we cant
well weve never been given a chance
a chance to prove to you that your constant pushing aint needed
Im a lot like the earth
its the real deal and you accept it
but its got faults its got things that arent perfect
yet it breathes and is beautiful life
Im going tobe the one to die
when my time comes
so let me live my life the way I want
Im not hurting you
Im just hurting your expectations
your expectations that are fantasy
that you couldnt live up to- not that you try
I am potential
I could be somting great
but your holding me back
whipping me to do somthing I could do on my own
I dont want your advice
Id be better without it
do you want to overload me
and watch me break
that may be it
its why you are
you do it to see the drama
the meltdown and the scars
so give 40 hours of homework each night
take away my phone untill I do it just right
yell in my face for getting home late
I wont take it anymore
what will you do when I wont dance for you
maybe ill teach you somthing
but I couldnt care less
what happens to you in the end
all I know is that Im going this way
and I dont care what you say

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