To Live a Lie

I haven't written on quzilla in a, here is a poem for my fans! I have fans XD

Created by Semlin on Sunday, September 12, 2010

For blood that drips on a window pane,
like no rain has crossed before,
to live a lie,
to pretend to be sane,
a new day less spoken,
for now just a myth,
that a sun comes out for no challenge,
at the darkest will,
through the light as a shield,
clearer then the blackest of nights,
but for sorrow I speak,
with no real regrets,
except time passed on by misinterpretation,
tomorrows lies are today's nightmares,
without a reason of communication,
with a whisper of wind at your feet,
a lie spoke soft,
against the ebony and rock,
to fear all but fear its self
a mindless battle to be fought.

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