A Poem for My Boyfriend Jeremy

Created by brittanyjayne94 on Monday, September 13, 2010

Fear is not something that comes to mind when I think of you.

Loneliness is not something that comes to mind when you do.

When you enter my mind, nothing can harm me.

When you come into my head all I see are fields of flowers and smiles.

You broke through all the demons and all the pain, to bring me joy and love.

How is it that you manage time and time again to be the only person who enters and stays in my mind?

For you, and you alone are the only one who I can think about all day long, and then never get bored of.

What is it that I have done to deserve someone as you?

Was it that I’ve been kind and polite my life?

Not all of my life I have been kind or polite.

For I, have been rude and spiteful.

No, it is not a humanly thing that I’ve done.

The reason I have you, is because you chose me.

Over any other you chose me, and I chose you.

That is why I get you and that is why I deserve you.

Love, is strong word.

But for you it is not strong enough.

For you, Jeremy, I adore you.

I cherish you close to my heart and deep in my soul.

Nobody in this world compares to you, and nobody in this universe will have me the way you do.

You give me everything, so I give you my life.

Take it in your hands and hold it as you will.

Don’t let me go, and I will never let go of you.

You entered my head, and you never left.

You entered my heart and you will stay there for all eternity.

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