I Believe In You(poem)

think i should make more poems than quizzes but than again i'll think about it on with the poem!!!!!!! Blue: Eifle 65 I got this music from http://www.freewebs.com/kirara_the_demon/Home.html

Created by FlashFlare on Saturday, December 17, 2005

The challenges you now confront
in all you're going through help me see the many ways
that i believe in you
It's hard for me to realize
the things that you must face;
and though I try I can't completely step into your place.
But something in my knowledge
of depth and soul of you gives to every real concern an optimistic hue.
For when you must respond to life
with pure determination,
your answer to the challenge
Is a source of inspiration.
And though each day's uncertainty
the future oft obscures,
My hope for you is strong
and my belief in you endures.
awesome poem(Thanks i got the idea from i 7th grade teacher i once had her name is Ms. Garza at Rosario Castellanos.
It sucks:P
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I hope you liked this poem sorry hope you liked this pic.

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