Taking a Trip

If you read closely, you'll understand my meaning for some things... most of it is figurative... but...

Created by Otakugurl19 on Friday, October 08, 2010

Lets take a trip.

A trip in my mind.

To show you the true me.

Oh what shall you find?

Dark caverns turn up,

Hiding ghosts of the past.

You better start running,

And run rather fast.

For you see dear reader,

These ghosts of mine.

Are rather disturbing,

And rather unkind.

Their faces are white,

But their eyes are deep black.

And where their heart beats,

Sits a large crack.

Further we run,

Ever still in my mind.

We press on,

Yet what do we find?

A woman of fury,

With a tongue like a blade.

She is waiting for payment,

Her price to be paid.

What price do I owe?

Oh this is a trick.

For she gave me life,

It makes me so sick..

Again we run,

My hand taking your own.

Away from this woman,

With swiftness we’ve flown.

Yet as we run farther,

A silence takes hold.

Dark shadows of pain,

Oh things left untold.

We have walked in the forest,

The Forest of pain.

Where my hard memories,

Grow fruit with distain.

The trees are my memories,

And fruit they do give.

But you dare not eat one,

If you do wish to live.

I grab your hand swiftly,

And we turn to flee.

But it is too late,

We have stumbled on “He”.

The thing I fear most,

That hides in my mind.

I am sorry dear reader,

For this surprise so unkind.

He is tall and strong,

His eyes made of gold.

His lips burning red,

With secrets untold.

I fall to my knees,

Unable to speak.

I can not move away,

I am far too weak.

He has broken me down,

And stolen my life.

Caused all my pain,

Caused all of my strife.

You grab at my body,

Screaming out my name.

But I can not move,

It is always the same.

He swoops upon me,

Taking me in his grip.

I close my eyes,

Preparing for the trip.

Goodbye dear reader,

I am sorry to say.

That I have lost this battle,

On this sad day.

Please run away,

As fast as you can.

Escape from my mind,

And this twisted dark land.

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