The Sunny Weather

Yes, we all have drama. This specific writing is just about being cheated on and the feeling of being lonely in general.

Created by sweetpea4113 on Monday, October 11, 2010

"Life is like a box of chocolates," they say.
"You never know what you'll get."
I here it often, but to this day.
There's one part I can't forget.
Not every bite of life is sweet,
and not every bite is easy.
I remember the day I went to meet
the man who made life breezy.
I remember walking through
fields, parks, and trails all night.
I remember when I fell for you.
The moon had been so bright.
He doesn't remember the night he spent
on her, in her room, on her bed.
He begged her, what did she lend?
He decided to lie instead.
Didn't know, but I was betrayed.
I was broken, alone, and afraid.
Never again would I be in love
What I gave him wasn't enough.
Or so I thought that life would end.
That no one could replace.
But I gave it time and found a friend,
no longer do I cry seeing his face.
So here you go, this is so sad.
But life couldn't possibly be better.
With out him life's not so bad.
And I appreciate the sunny weather.

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