.......we have to write in ELA... free-write... we can write whatever, as long as we're writting... so that means that if you can't think of something, you have to force yourself to write anyway. Which is basically what this is... =P

Created by x13xBLUEx13x on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I try to ingore it
I try to block it out
I try to not pay attention
To each and every shout

Why does it have to be
So loud in this "quiet" place?
To defile peace of mind this way
Is a horrid disgrace

I can't think about writting
I can't write about thinking
Because neither is taking place
I just sit here, blinking

My mind is empty
My eyes are staring
As all around me
People are swearing

I rack my brain
For some sort of subject
Because the only thing I can think about
Is noise... which, in a way is perfect

For now, by not having a subject
Due to lack of silence
I have a subject that
IS a lack of silence

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