your not mine but i can only whisper into winds i love u

hey hey i hope you likes this poem it came from the heart so yeh hope you like it

Created by xxASHYBEARxx on Thursday, November 04, 2010

i whisper your name into chilled winds hoping for an answer back
ididnt think id get one anyway
one tear falls down my cheek one lonely tear that your not there to wipe away
your the reason they fall and yet your not even mine
i want to scream and shout for you to comeback
but i know you wont listen
i know it wont help
your heart pulls me towards you with ever breath that you take
its something i cant run from its something i cant escape
i try to see you oh so clear
but no matter what your never near
you turn your back on me when you love me
i cant help but want you to see
that without you my vision is grey
you where the light that lit my way
you gave me my happiness when i grew sad
but in the end i guess we new this would end bad
"i love u"
i whisper to him hoping he will hear
i no he hears but doesnt show it not the slightest only one tear
hes not mine and i cant have him
but i love him and hes takin more then he knows
i picked him up and put him back so he wasnt in pieces
keeping a little for me
in the end i didnt know i would get more then i wanted
i only wanted a little was i that greedy that i tried to take more with out knowing
he writes me poems with out flowing
and yet i love them so
hes not mine and yet i want him so bad
not to hug not to kiss but to hold forever
but still he is not mine he never was and as he said he will never be mine
i guess i wish that wasnt true
but it doesnt help it only makes me see blue
i want him
but i am forbidden i love him,
yet i shall not tell
it is not helping,
he does not whisper back bringing rays off light the chilled winds stay dominent keeping me hollow
he wasnt there he ran and he didnt leave me a trail to follow
not one not a clue
he left with a sad whisper of i love you .
hope you liked it x ash <3

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