I dont believe in love


Created by ALLNEONCOLORS on Sunday, November 21, 2010

I dont believe in love

haha love

the word freaks me out

my parents are married

they 'love' each other

they're super old now

and they wont stop fighting

play fighting

real fighting

full on yelling

they dislike their lives...

i talk to this guy online

i used to know him

he never really liked me...

more then a friend

now that i've opened myslef up more

he says he love me...

he hasn't seen me in a whole year

my school is full of christians

they love God

they believe they listen to His word

the drink


and hate

their no different from any other school

except for their image

they say they love others

they treat others like shit

i've been 'in love' so many times

my friends have been 'in love' too

we're only in highschool

why dont i believe in love?

how is that love?

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