The Christmas Spider

Yes it's a real legend/story. I just put into poem form. I love making Christmas spiders to decorate my tree and it is sort of close to Christmas and it's the only holiday I really do anything for until next October. Rate and message and look at my other poems, stories, and quizzes. ;]

Created by BabyJesusOnaMotorbike on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I think this year..." An old widow began
"I'll decorate a Christmas tree. It'll be grand!"
And so the widow asked her son to fetch a tree from the forest.
The widow, waiting for her tree noticed a mess.
Spider and dust bunnies golore!
"I sweep them to the attic! My son won't be much more!"
So the widow sweeped away the eight-legged critters.
The widow decorated her tree, not hearing the spiders softly titter
Once the widow and her son went to sleep
The spiders climbed down from the attic for a peep
They were mesmerized with what they saw
Gold, red, lighted, topped with a star and not a single flaw
It was the most beautiful thing that these spiders had seen
The fire reflected in eight tiny eyes, shine and gleam
There was nothing more that the spider wanted than to dwell here
To the tree the crawled more and more near
As spiders do, they began to spin their silk
When the spiders finised the webs the look up to see a jolly man drinking milk
It was none other than St. Claus
He had snuck in, down the chimney, quiter than a mouse
"Spider what have you done!"
Scared the spider began to hide and run
Their webs had ruined the beauty of the tree
Spiders are gloomy and now the the tree was dreary
St. Nicolaus had a triack up his sleeze
The webs turned silver and started to freeze
You see these silver web woven by the spiders
Are now a common tradition,
A lovely Christmas tree addition
You may very well know them now as tinsel
Look carefully in your tinsel, for it may be where an eight-legged creature dwells

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