Mentally Insane

Created by Trouble01 on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I sit in my room all alone
Lights turned out it's dark,
I feel like I'm swinging on a swing
In my mentally insane park.
My feet tucked up against me
Arms pulled in tight,
I'm shaking as I realize
That I'm certainly not alright.
I close my eyes
As tight as I can,
I see the firghtening face
Of an evil man.
People, places, things
They all run through my mind,
I know I'm mentally insane
And I've gone this way for the last time.
I now see blood
And a knife,
I tell myself "Think
It will end all you strife."
I close my eyes tighter
And picture the gun,
Then I think
"Hmm, might be fun!"
So don't tell me
I already know I'm mentally insane,
And now I'm taking the dark path
And traveling down suicide lane.
I want to make things
Slow and painful,
I'm ready to do it
And to free my soul.
So I take the knife
Off the floor,
And cut myself
More and more.
I see the blood run down my
Wrists and neck,
I know I'll be dead
Just give me a sec.
I see the growing
Bright pool of red,
As I sit and
Watch it spread.
I look around
But vision soon goes black,
Now I have
My heart rate lack.
I finally know that
I am dead,
And have ended life
With all of it's dread.
I have actually ended
All of the pain,
Even though I was
Mentally Insane.

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