Rainy morning

I did not make this. Glamrockcowgurl made this

Created by prettykitty001 on Thursday, December 09, 2010

The patter if rain as it hits the roof
A sigh of sweer relief from the skies
A sad yet refreshing sight
I dry my tears no matter the pain
I feel I most continue on
lay down anddie?I could but whats the point.
Silence the base of insanity
Ratales may cage with one strong gust of breath
forgive and forget
wish I could
say a sweet sorry
wish he would
I toss the blanket off my legs
sit up straight and crawl out of bed
must keep going for all who came before
Blue jeans, t-shirt, and sweat jacket
I'm ready to go
hand clenching locket
ready to face the world

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