Blade of Grass

Ahh a poem i have thought up, i just felt like writing a bit of poetry and HERE IT IS. I hope you guys like it. Rating, and sending me a message would be good to ;)

Created by XxStillWaterxX on Saturday, December 11, 2010

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If i had a past life

I know what i would have been

A green blade of grass

Waiting to be seen

Basking all day in the sun

Relishing in the light

Listening to sounds

As day turns into night

My existence would have no absolution

No thoughts that were mine

Nestled amongst a million others

Not a chance for one to shine

And every time I reach for hope

Every time I begin to grow

I will get cut down again

Myself is not to show

I have to be restricted

I have to be kept in line

I cannot do what I please

The soil is all that is mine

And every day that passes

Is always quite the same

A repetition of the last

Snuffing out my vital flame

And as i do grow older

And as the seasons pass me by

My life would have no enjoyment

In loneliness I slowly die

My vibrant green turns yellow

My strength begins to wane

My moisture is now dryness

No help is the rain

And as my last day passes

And i lose the strength to live

Not a single being notices

No care do they give

There would be no one crying

In sadness of my pass

For no one would feel sorrow

About a blade of grass

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