Another Sort of Family- The Outsiders Gang

this is a poem about the gang from the fantastic novel The Outsiders.

Created by Beatlepop24 on Sunday, December 26, 2010

When you're all alone
in this cruel harsh world
And there's no help from home
Lean on the ones who are staying gold.
Then you're caught in a pickle or a jam
Never rely on the ones that broke your heart
Find the ones that will make that stand
That gang who has been there from the start
The gang who had no chances and no breaks
The buddies who always pulled you through
Who were tuff and new how much it takes
To survive the comments old and new
The boys who defended you in every fight
The pals that made them run away
The Friends who kept you warm at night
The guys that helped you everyday
With your hair olied up and your jeans all worn
Switchblades, pipes, and busted bottles of pop
They chased the Soc's round till dawn
Just wishing all the rich kids would stop
Stop with the names and harsh jumpings
Leave the Greasers alone and off their side
Make them seem like they were something
So there was no reason to run and hide
With Two-Bit, Steve and Darry by your side
Along with Sodapop, Johnny, Ponyboy and Dally
A Gang that could make you find
Another srot of family.

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