Words Can Hurt

Ok, this is about verbal abuse. It's about being called stupid and ugly and useless so many times and you try and ignore them, but eventually you start to believe the lies. There is a picture to it and I'm going to see if I can upload it on here...until then there is no picture.

Created by RandomxBlackxCat on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sticks and stones
MAy break my bones
But words will always hurt me
Imbeded in my soul
Writeen in my heart
Carved in my skin
Once it's spoken
It can't be undone
Written or spoken
Can leave me dead
Hateful words
Drip with venom
That I injection in my veins
Just to make it end
Cover my ears
Doesn't block the words
That flow in my head
Echoing in my thoughts
Crying out into the dark nights
Wishing they would quiet
Heard them so many times
Knowing they are lies
But inside I know
The words are true
And I learn to know them
Even though I wish not to
All the hurtful words the call me
Is what I am

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