The Great Escape

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Created by Voyakiloid on Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture, nor do I know who took it or is in it.

There's a secret I have,

A plan I shall fulfill,

To run away from here,

And act with my own will.

There's a vision I have,

Of myself far from here.

In a place I can have peace,

Hour after month after year.

There's a hope I have,

That you'll accompany me.

We could be go anyway,

Mountains, fields, the sea.

There's a feeling I have,

Undoubtedly for you.

Can we run away together?

Run to the big, deep, blue.

There's a place I have,

It's right before my eyes.

Where the waves wash up,

And I can see the clear sky.

There's a secret I have,

A plan to be with you.

But if only we're together,

Will that dream come true.

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