Hold my hand

I hav to write somethin down or I'll fall asleep! -_-zzz It's not a story or a poem but I had to put it somewhere. It's just one of those let it all out kinda things- enjoy! LUV U! XOXO

Created by Erintigerheart on Friday, February 11, 2011

Standing here
next to you
on the edge
of reality
we both watch
the world below
all the pain
all the hate
all the lies
and you hold my hand
and you say
"it's alright
we don't need
the rest of the world
I've got you
and you have me
we're not much
in the grand scheme
of things
but when I'm with you
I just feel
like I could be
anythin I wanna be
but I have that
I'm happy now
'cause I have you"
All of our friends
they don't understand
they don't get
why you and me
get along so well
they don't like it
when you follow me around
or when I chase you
around the town
it's not their fault
it's just us
when I touch you
There's a little spark
and I feel safe
and I feel warm
When you touch me
and I realise
that I love you
and it can't be helped
I'm not askin' ewt
we're not goin' out
we're not gettin' married
I'm just sayin'
'cause you aught to know
that if you'd let me
I'd take you away
And you would be mine
I'd give you everythin'
you could ever wish for
and for what it's worth
I'd let you go
if you loved someone else
watch them take you
to be theirs instead
I would cry
but not for too long
as long as you're happy
I smile anddon't worry
Just hold my hand
To tell me
you're still there
you haven't left me
I still have my angel
'Cause you right there
beside me
on the edge of oblivion
watching the world
go by with me
I love you so much it hurts
And you'll never know how much
you really mean to me
if you don't feel the same
just tell me simply
but if you do
and you think it could work
hold my hand
and I'll know you love me too

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