Can't You See That I Love You

While typing this, I imagined a girl walking up to her crush in a movie theatre and admitting she loved him.... But of course she is nervous and mumbles. He doesn't hear her, and so she gives up and walks away.

Created by BlankBeauty on Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beat up and bruised by my own selfish desires,
I can say I love you,
I can go out on a wire.
But my courage halts,
and I trip up my words.
I know that this has got to be my fault.
But it's no one's fault but yours.
You made me love you,
and you caught my heart with lures.
Now I'm in my own trap,
And there is no question why.
I'm stuck with my words and what they have meant,
and you're about to say good-bye.
I grab your arm as you're turning away,
and you question me.
I shudder under your gaze,
and you say I'm weird.
"Can't you see I love you," I whisper,
But I wasn't heard.
I let go of your arm and sadly walk away,
all the while hoping you would see me.
Maybe you will notice me and my love for you one day.

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