xXx:Baby Girl:xXx

haha okay honestly i never knew i had this in me but it just flowed out haha it's kinda similar to some stuff i deal with but eh whatever :p hope you like it! ^_^ plus it's for one of my "sisters" she is absolutly amazing but she's dealt with some...hmmm... issues but she's way to precious to lose! Love you JinXX be safe!

Created by SammyBanny on Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby girl why you look sad?
Oh baby girl is it cuz your dad?
Sweet baby girl did he touch you again?
In a way you can't comprehend?
Oh baby girl is that what the bruises are?
Baby does it feel like you were ran over by a car?
Beautiful baby girl you're to old to cry,
Baby girl for a 13 year old girl you're way to dry,
What's this baby girl?
I see the scars when you spread your arms and twirl,
oh baby girl tonight is you're last night, Baby girl why grip the razor so tight?
Baby girl that's really hard to watch,
Baby girl it's time to turn it up a notch,
Oh baby girl here you lay,
Baby girl this is your last day,
Baby girl why'd you cut so deep?
Darling baby girl you're drifting into an eternal sleep,
Baby girl everyone's crying,
Baby girl no one can bear you dying,
Oh baby girl don't you see?
Baby girl there was no life fee,
Baby girl you were so important to everyone,
Baby girl this joke is no fun,
Baby girl please come back,
My other half I lack.

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