Awesome Is Not The Only One Word For Her

Created by CiaraLovesPackie on Sunday, March 06, 2011

Awesome Is Not The Only One Word For Her

Kit is one of the most best people you could meet
She's awesome from her head to her feet
One of the lies she tells is calling herself terrible
When really, she is quite loveable
Talking her to her is fun
Being pervy is a trait, there's more than that one

Idiots are mean to her because they are jealous or have no life
You make fun of her, I'll make my words cut like a knife
She always speaks her mind and doesn't care what you think
If you don't wanna miss her randomness, then don't blink
She care about people, even though sometimes she has bad moods
If you are mean to her Hubby, then you are screwed

This poem is for her to realize that's she's awesome
Her intellengence in math will blossem
She's epic in every way
I know one thing is that she'll never waste a day
No homo, but she's also cute
Random line; I don't know if she likes fruit
People who think different need a cure
Because Awesome Is Not The Only One Word For Her

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