I am your disease

So I wrote this today thinking about my life and all the things I torture myself with. I was thinking about my friends that have passed away and the people that die daily for the reasons of being skinny. I know this sucks but I really had to write it.

Created by JustCallMeKiki on Monday, April 11, 2011

I am you, I am everything you want, I am your disease

I show you ugliness and cover your beauty

I shine with hate while you strain to love

I mask you, I make you lie, I make you sick

I am your disease out to destroy you

To make you work for your destruction

To make you smaller, to make you bone

I strive for your death through mind games

I am your disease and I show you a lie

I show you as 300 pounds when you are only 90

I show you as someone no one will love

I play this game because you let me.

I am your disease and I have strength

You feed me with every skipped meal

You feed me with your insecurities

You feed me with every trip to the bathroom

With every purge of the food that makes me weak

I am your disease and I don’t want help

I want you to suffer

I want you to die

I want to be the death of you

But you are strong

You can overcome me

You can eat and be beautiful

You can break my mind games

You are beautiful and with help you can see that

You are perfect

I am your disease and I am out to destroy you

But you are strong and get help to destroy me

You can mask me

You can beat me

You can destroy me

But only with help will you get strong

So speak out, get help

Talk and learn that

I am your disease

I am your parasite

I make you sick

And I will ultimately be your death

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