I Love You, My Friend.

this is to all of my friends on the website. ive never felt noting in the world like this ever before. thank you

Created by GaaraXKinari4Evah on Saturday, July 09, 2011

My friends.
I love you guys,
You make me feel so special from deep down inside,
To the tips of my fingers.
It's honorable to be typing this to you.
I love you,
Every single one.
My old friends, and new.
This is all to you.
My love comes with this, don't you know?
I love you very much so.
I met you all on this little website,
And who knew what a gift it would bring to me?
I love you guys,
And I'mnot just tossing those 3 words randomly.
I really do.
I bet that you can feel it.
You are special to me, so very important.
We are one,
Don't you see?
One big, happy family.
Look into my eyes, you will see me.
Look into my heart, you will see you.
I love you,
And I mean it.
I mean it all.
~Kinari ♥
Because... I love you. Everyone of you. You aren't weird, you are unique.

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