Love you no matter what

I'm not gay..or anything like that. This is a poem about how it shouldn't matter what the person you love look's like, where there from, what disabilities they have and whether or not there the same gender as you. I don't think any of these things matter when you love someone. Love is LOVE, no matter the color shape or size. P.S. i had no idea what to name Yepperz

Created by Purpleillusions on Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Should it matter what you are?

Or what you do, near or far

Whether your black or paled out white

That your deaf or loosing your sight

Does it matter that you’re different, nothing about you is cliché?

That to get to your home I’d have to cross a bay

Should it matter that you and I are the same

Or that I cannot even pronounce your name?

No, what matters are the feelings from our heart

The one’s that hurt when were a distance and don’t want us apart

It doesn’t matter what you were yesterday

I just want you forever, never far away


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