The Substitute

This poem reminisces on a substitue come full-time teacher who came into my school in 2008. I began to crush on her very quickly because she was so beautiful. This is one of 2 poems written about her (my other poem being 'Laura' - give it a read on this website).

Created by StephenCahillFurlong92 on Thursday, August 04, 2011

I remember once in history class

Came the temporary absence of Mr Whyte.

And the substitute teacher who came to replace him,

Oh my! Wasn't she such a beautiful sight.

As she stepped through the door,

All of the students' eyes were fixed upon her.

Her long brown hair caressed her face,

Her eyes were blue with flavour.

Laura was dressed all in black,

Her trousers were loosely pizazz.

And though she was dressed like a serious business-woman,

Her pretty face still made my head play romantic jazz.

I was fifteen and believed in love at first sight.

However, after reading through few pages of Living History Two,

My classmates slowly began to see the nervous teacher

As tedious, unhumorous, and absolutely no fun, too.

After the bell rang and Laura left,

Alan stepped in to call out, "Well boys! What do you think?"

Plenty of us still wolf-whistled but those like Dylan

Apparently implied her personality was a Titanical sink.

But nothing about her bothered me.

I was happy she stayed working in the school.

As always, up to today, I'm often tempted to kiss the Miss

While I kneel and givepraise to the Queen of the teachers' stool.

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