Roses Are Red


Created by TwinDestruction on Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
sugar is sweet,
and so are you.

When I first met you,
I thought in my head,
he looks like an angel,
am I dead?

Skin soft as a feather,
lips red as cherry,
I imagined life with you forever,
our love blissful and merry.

Your hair lush as silk,
your eyes bright as day,
if the other boys saw you,
I don't think they'd mind being gay.

What could I do?
What could I say?
Pronouncing love is ridiculous,
I just met you today!

Oh but I so wanted you,
your touch,
your voice,
your love.

Lovestricken and foolish,
I approached you,
not thinking what the aftermath
could pool on me.

"Hello, sweet boy,
What's your name?
Because I think you're cute,
even if I did just meet you today..."

He blinked three times,
looking over me,
not speaking,
like that of a mime.

"Well you ought to do,
I guess I don't mind...
Sure you're cute too,
let's go out some time?"

And in glee,
you marked my wrist
in dark, purple

Your number engraved.
Your love sealed.
My dreams come true
our faith concealed.

But I was so young...
so ever naive....
If I wasn't...
your betrayal wouldn't be the death of me.


It was three weeks,
they passed by slowly
our loved proclaimed
to the social world only.

Something was wrong,
I could tell.
Our love wasn't heaven...
it felt like hell.

When I held your hand,
you flicked it away.
When I kissed your cheek,
you rubbed it in dismay.

I couldn't talk to you in public...
and you didn't answer your messages...
what's with the deadpan song...
did I... do something wrong?

All I did was love you,
gently touch your face,
and yet you hurt me,
and spat in my wake.

What happened to the laughter?
Now all I want to do is cry...

I give up hope.
I'll confront you right now.
I'll tell you I'm done,
I should never have liked you anyhow...

And my heart broke
the very next move...
because your lips and hers...
disturbed my groove...


I gasped.
Not once, but twice,
could you see
the tears in my eyes?

What was wrong, you ask?
Well why don't you tell me,
I mean,
You're the one with your hands on her ass.

Who is this girl?
Why do you love her?
But when you see me...
you want to hurl?

"This is my hope,
my love,
my dream,
my life."

You proudly proclaim,
her hot pink lips,
smirking with

"What about me?
What about us?
How could you throw
Our love under the bus?"

Tears began to well...
Cheeks begin to burn...
Love is a lesson,
that I will never learn.

"Don't you see?
Henever loved you...
hewas waiting for someone better...
and he found me."

The girl's voice was sharp,
as cold as ice,
no words could explain my agony,
none could suffice.

Before anything else...
I ran away...
My heart broken,
my head in dismay.

And I could hear
her voice and yours
laughing and shrieking...
in my hour of mourn.


Later that month
I've gotten over you
almost completely gone
until a loveless storm went amuck.

"We're over;
we're through!
I am no longer
in love with you!"

It's her cold voice.
The one with borish slurl
the same person that stole you away...
that awful girl.

But this time,
I'm not the one that's's you...
it's your relationship that's being broken,
shot through.

She stomps away.
You come to me.
Someone pinch me.
This has to be a dream.

"I'm sorry,
I was mean,
but I'm in your position now,
I see what you mean."

"Please take me back.
I mean it this time.
I'll treat you nicely,
not just like slack."

I widen my eyes.
Is this for real?
The boy who broke my heart...
the boy who made my life surreal?

But there's already a crowd of girls...
standing behind him...
I see now...
this is fake...

All he wants is to use me again...
so a new girl can
fall for his act...
He should feel shame.

before I answer,
before I do, listen to this poem...
and it's just for you."

My voice is flirty,
his hopes are high.
I'll shoot this guy...
out from the sky.

"Roses are Red...
Violets are Blue...
Sugar is sweet...
and so are you..."

A smile crosses his face.
Poison and lies
hide behind the fake happiness
in his eyes.

"So that's it, then?
You'll take me back?
Cause baby I love you,
you know that."

I put a finger to his lips.
I secretly take
an ice cold water bottle
from my backpack's wake.

"The poem's not done yet,
you silly goose.
Let me start over...
just for you."

I unscrew the bottle,
it's kool-aid red.
I hold it in the air,

"Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Sugar is Sweet,
and so are you.
But the Roses are Wilting...
The Violet's are Dead...
The Sugar Bowl's screwed....
and so is your head."

And I dumped all my kool-aid on that back-stabbers head.

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