Am I crazy?

This is a poem about getting weird thoughts that make you feel crazy at the same time they make you happy and help you survive on a daily basis. It is kind of complicated how you could feel a sense of loneliness without these unrealistic weird thoughts...

Created by Bluediamond177 on Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have you ever felt crazy

Like your thoughts don't make sense

It's so hard and it makes you hazy

Everything is getting intense

There's this one situation

That keeps replaying itself in your head

Everytime you try to push it away

It gets closer instead

Somebody help me out

No more tears left to shed

Help me escape this awful place

This place I call my head

The problem is that if they disappear

I'm still gonna suffer

So I can't just throw them away

I gotta become tougher

I could never admit it

I could never let it show

On the outside a kind and intelligent girl

I could never let them know

Oh please somebody help me

Tell me that I'm not alone

Tell me that there are others who put a smile on

But late at night they groan

Cuz they need these thoughts

They help them survive

They're like the air they breath

They keep them alive

Tell me that there's someone

Who to be happy... believes their own lies

With a wide smile on their face

But a lonely heart that cries

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