Not the End of Me (overcoming depression)

Teen suicide is the number three killer in America. Everywhere you look now-a-days, thats all you hear. What has everyone depressed? Its just teens and their angst. You dont realize how wrong you are. p.s pics arent mine

Created by UnexpectedDawn on Friday, March 17, 2006

So close to the edge, Im about ready to fall.
Couldnt think, couldnt breath, couldnt
be myself.
Lost all my friends, Ive pushed everyone away.
Who is that shell of a girl we once knew?
Im scared in this empty world, so lost. Just die damn it.
Cant take it no more.
End it, so close.
Why cant I do us all a favor?
Shut up.
Break down, lost my ground, someone save my soul.
Reliefs from my pain, how long will that last?
No more, wont fall from here.
Be strong, Ill pass this.
A light, so near.
Its not the end.
Its the beginning of my life again

...Read result please, and remember comments=love and please read my other poems
Somehow, you came across this. Maybe the title caught your attention, maybe once you started reading it, you were hooked, whatever it was, if you are currently feeling like this, this deep depression you cant escape, just know, youre not alone. Its not a fad people, its not a joke. Im extremely thankful to be alive; depression is a hard and heavy thing to over come. Its a long recovery, but know this, it is so worth it. Its worth having your life back. Man, you realize how much youve missed, who you use to be, and I can not tell you what a great feeling it is to have that realization. So find a way that works for you but most importantly, talk to someone. You dont realize how much people care, even if you are afraid to tell them. Trust me, my life is far from perfect, but Im alive and thankful.

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