Cheaters!(This was writien for all who have been cheated on or those who just like poems)

I wrote this a while back and was told to put up here by my dear friend, Minor 14! Go read her poem(s) and stories cause she is great!!Well I hope you like my poem and be looking for more...also go read my stories lol!

Created by firekittin on Friday, March 17, 2006

I will love you tomorrow as much as I loved you today,
But you hurt me much more than I can say
You said you would never cheat on me or lie
but then I heard the rumors and let out a sigh
I refused to believe them cause you said they weren't true
Then you said you loved me and I said "I loved you too."
But all you said you said to cover your mistake,
I never knew you were such a fake.
My friends said to leave you and not to believe you,
but I wouldn't!
Then I caught you with that other girl,
and you said it would happen no more.
I tried to believe you but it happened agian,
I thought you were different but I guess your just like all those other men.
Now your girlfriend cheats on you and you are the father of her child,
and my life is happily mild!
Thanx and please message me to tell me what you think cause I am thinking of putting some of my poems in a contest...if they are good. I am going to put others up on here so watch for them and tell me what you think of those! Love you guys and gals!

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