i think i'm falling for you(it's really good)

Created by Unforgetabledifferent on Tuesday, December 20, 2005

my parents say,
I was smiling last night,
and seemed so happy during the day.
They started asking
what was on my mind,
I didn't answer but I knew inside.
I think I'm falling for you.
I've got a hole in my heart and I don't know why.
I don't know why you're on my mind.
I just have one question,
are you falling for me too?
I was sitting in class like I normally did,
teacher thought I was doing work,
but in hearts I wrote your name instead.
In the hallway when you said hi,
I completely zoned out and let out a sigh.
I think I'm falling for you,
I'm watching everything I do.
I can't believe I'm thinking this,
we've been friends since we were kids.
I think I'm falling for you . . .
When you said you liked me as a friend,
I felt like my world would simply end.
My heart had shattered, it hurt so bad,
I wasn't smiling when I went to bed.
A few days later the pain got worse and worse,
I felt so bad I saw the school nurse.
She said Dear I see nothing wrong,
just the classic signs of a girl in love.
On Valentine's Day,
I found an anonymous note,
though you denied it,
I knew it was you 'cause of the way you wrote
I think I'm falling for you,
I'm kinda hoping that you like me too.
I've been dancing everywhere I walk and singing whenever I talk,
I've got a funny feeling in my stomach,
I think I'm love sick.
You held me in your arms,
and told me to close my eyes.
My heart was racing,
as your lips landed on mine.
You were smiling at me,
and I smiled at you,
it was then you said,
I think I've fallen for you
that was the worst poem ever
that was so nice *cries*
it was alright not great but not bad
thanks for reading please rate and message *please please please*

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