in your arms

Created by radoshley on Tuesday, November 08, 2011

You picked me up at 8 o'clock, we drove to your house.spent time with your family, then retired to your room.i seem calm, cool, and collected on the inside but inside im freaking out. this is a night of firsts for me, and im nervous. i grab my pjs and go change in the bathroom. we lie down on your bed and start to watch a movie. you cuddle up to me with your head on my shoulder and arm around my waist. it feels right, i cant concentrate on the movie so i cuddle back. we face eachother and slowly move closer, our noses are rubbing and you kiss me... its heaven. we makeout, your arms around my waist pulling me closer, kissing my neck, making sure im alright, you make me feel good, and safe and cared for. we lie there holding eachother as we fall asleep. this was the first time i spent the night at a guys house, first time i made out, first time i opened up to someone, first time i liked a guy enough to let him touch me, kiss me, hold me. i like you so much and it scares me to death. I replay that night over and over in my head and cant wait to be in your arms again.

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