Perry the Platypus


Created by tjrocks on Monday, December 26, 2011

He 's got a tail and can lays eggs.But his got a beaver's beak and cute lil' legs.Big bugged eyes .And likes to eat insects and flies.But he is so cute.And always so mute.
But other than being blue-green.He beats up Doofenzmirtz, the so called evil and mean.This is his hobby and job all at the same time.Whenever he wins I wish I had a dime.
He is so cool.He's enemy is a fool.So is his boss with the big mustache.But it's something that's sweeter than chocolate ganache.

His two owners whose names resemble plants.Phineas and Ferb who are wilder than ants.So many adventures of this little dude.Always helps others and never is rude.
The end of the day ,he comes back home.After Phineas and Ferb finishes there projects wilder than Rome.And Candace is irritated as if she haddairy.And then Phineas says'Oh,there you are Perry!"PerryAngry.jpg

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