Red-Headed Stepchild

I wrote this poem about my paternal grandfather,who died a few years ago. Rate and message!

Created by SacredWarrior on Friday, January 13, 2012


Why did you ignore me?
Why did you neglect me?
What did I ever do to you?

You treated my siblings like champions
But you treated me like a chump
You have no idea how much that hurt me
But then again, you probably didn't care

You only cared about yourself and your son,my father
You selfish bastard
I began to loathe you

Then Dad died
Then you became sick
But everyone abandoned you and put you in a nursing home

How does it feel?
Hurts, doesn't it?
You're getting just what you deserve

As you withered away
I began to blossom
I didn't care what happened to you then
I still don't care now

Were you sorry?
Maybe you were
But it was too late
You had hurt me too much

Then you died
But I wasn't fazed at all
I didn't even attend your funeral

Good riddance to you
I hope you're rotting in hell
That's what you get for treating me
Like a red-headed stepchild

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