Hunger Games

A poem dedicated to the first book of 'The Hunger Games'. Hope you like it !

Created by PianoLover33 on Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hunger Games

Sixty seconds to run, sixty seconds to go

One minute to leave before you blow

Blood starts to shed and screams start to howl

This arena is already to foul

Running into the forest, where I think it’s safe

It’s the thirst and heat I really hate

As I walk further into the woods, the deeper I go

I realize I’m live on TV, on a show

People are watching, waiting, keeping a close eye

Waiting to see if I live or die

As I go through hell, I tell myself “Just keep going”

Because If I don’t, it’s my blood that will be spilling

The Hunger Games, a sick cruel game

Where the people are hunters, and also prey

I am the hunter, not the hunted.

I won’t be killed, fooled or confronted.

The Mockingjays fly and sing above

It’s my family, not winning, that I love.

I promised Prim I’d really try

I tell myself I will not die

Katniss Everdeen is my name

And I am playing in the Hunger Games.

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