I'm Leavin' You

My favorite band is Led Zeppelin. I play guitar because of Jimmy Page, I play bass because of John Paul Jones, I use my fingers as drumstick on the kitchen counter because of John Bonham, and I write to live up to the poetic standards of Robert Plant. While in the perfect relationship, I felt pure euphoria. I witnessed the love die slowly, so I went to write a poem about the life of the common love, in a Zeppelinesche type of way.

Created by emokiller1138 on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When I first set eyes on you

I was blinded by your beauty.

Everything about you was perfect.

I played my cards and got as close as I could.

It was amazing.

We were alone one day.

We talked to one an other for hours.

It had seemed we hand known each other for a millennia.

Simple conversation changed like water on concrete.

Our faces were close.

Our breaths were heavy.

Our eyes were locked.

Our lips touched.

I felt myself slip away.

I knew I had entered Nirvana.

Days turned to months.

We said we were nothing.

We both knew differently.

One day after sharing our connections,

I asked you the hardest question of my known life.

I asked to take your hand,

to take you on a trip through life.

To be in a relationship.

The answer came quickly.

The most powerful word for a simple man to hear.


Every day from then on I have thought about your .

I often get jealous to realize that you are taken,

but have to realize that I am yours.

A fortnight of your embrace and passion calmed me.

I became addicted to you.

Your personality.

Your body.

Your quirks.

Your flaws.

You were my drug, yet I knew.

I was blinded.

I am now here.

Where exactly I am is still a mystery.

Your beauty is nothing more than skin and bone.

I know you in and out.

You refuse to accept the fact of life

You fail to realize how truly alone you really are.

The time is ticking away, but you have no watch.

No matter for I am the time keeper.

It is now my time to ramble.

To see the rest of the world.

The high has worn off.

I am immune to your drug.

I'm leavin' you for better days.

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