I wrote this poem when I was angry, which seemed to have helped. It's about me getting bullied so this poem means a lot to me. Hope you like it!

Created by xAnimeNInjaGirlx on Friday, February 17, 2012

I'd rather be blind and cannot see
How cruel and mean the world can be
I'd rather be deaf and cannot hear
The words that fill my eyes with tears
What is it that they hate about me?
My eyes, my skin or my face?
I want to be accepted and that is all
Why do they keep trying to make me fall?
Although I try my best to move on
Those words come back and its hard to keep strong
They call me names and think its fun
I've had enough and my time here is done
Im off to knock on the heavens gates
But before I go there is something that I want to say.
Bye Bye Bullies you might regret
Saying those words that I will never forget.
Then I pulled the trigger. . . .

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