Please! Oh Please, Just Give Me More Space

writen Feb. 27, 2012 By: katrine long

Created by kakuzusnumber1 on Monday, March 05, 2012

please! oh, please just give me space
i feel like a bird traped in a cage
i cannot breath, im losing all sight
my mind is blank, im scared, i'll die
please, oh please, i need more space
just give me the key; unlock my door
i promise not to run away anymore
just give me more room; just some walking space
i need more room; alittle more space
i want to spread my wings and fly
i wouldn't even care if there was a chain on me
please, oh please, let this bird fly
fill me with love and i'll come back
but if you cage me and lock me tight
i'll try to run; i will fight; i might just die
please, oh please, just give me more space
put a chain on me but let me out
let me spread my wings and grow
for if you love me and let me go-
when i leave and it appears im gone for good
i'll come back and give you love
and i might not ever leave your side again

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