He's Mr. Perfect But He's Not... You

No introduction needed. Let it speak for itself.

Created by OnlyxHavexEyesxForxYou on Friday, March 16, 2012

He dropped a note into my bag

He wasn’t brave enough to ask out loud

I said yes and hoped for the best

He was the closest thing to perfect I’ve ever seen

Almost like he was something out of a dream

But there is one thing that he’s not

And I’m starting to miss it a lot

He’s not loud, he’s not confident

I don’t think he always says just what he meant

He’s never mad, I don’t think he feels

It’s almost like he isn’t real

He does too much

But it’s never enough

Cause he’s not you//

He’s polite and kind and friendly

He gets along with my family

He always says the right thing

And he never calls too late

My mother loves him

He’s my brother’s best friend

But there is one thing that he’s not

And I’m starting to miss it a lot

Now we’re standing here

And I’m saying these words

I know I’ve gotta sound so absurd

But it’s true, I need you

You’re loud, you’re confident

You’re my best friend

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