Bit of language here, sexual themes. Be warned.

Created by iamherecorrect on Monday, March 26, 2012

So tired of being just a fucking SEX object
Tits and ass and crotch
forcing themselves in your face
Walk the borderline between fun and whore
Too-high heels trip me up
Landing on my back, legs splayed apart
Ready for the next fuck
I have had ENOUGH of hands, everywhere hands
Urging me toward their dicks, pushing my head downwards
telling me with touch 'move, twist, jerk, suck'
So called 'subtle' glances at me,
because I'm some sort of toy
Bulging, meaty, always willing, chiming
"I'll try! Let me see!"
Those unable to see behind 'No' and 'I guess'
because neither one is a willing answer.
Done with expectations, the promises I'm supposed to keep
Although when I keep my promises, all I get is a pretence of friendship over searching hands
Secret smiles, tugging at my clothes, pulling up and down
EXPOSING me for their own satisfaction
Unconcerned with anything but themselves.
Angry voices, painful words when I refuse
Pleading innocence and confusion.
I am DONE with being fun, OVER with being flirtatious
So keep your mouth and hands to YOURSELF
I don't want your sickening SEXUALITY

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