Again copin' it from paper

Created by toribagans on Sunday, April 01, 2012

No one hearin her,No one understandin' her.No one care 'bout her,No one seein' her.No one lovin' her,She ain't ain't a person.She a spirt,Forever roamin'.Never happy,Ever cryin'.Her soul had,Shatter.She a soulless body,Her body still breathes.But she is in,Anther relam.In pieces,Her life past.What made her who she is,Scatter all around.Her soul is wounded,Death will be her friend.Life will not,His cold deadly hands.With nor mortal,Can with stand.He'll get what he wants,And that's be her.Elemet of Spirt,Can Heal the pain.Spirt can heal pain,Spirt was throwen.Not to,Defeat.But to test the oth,Forever sleep.Her mortal body,Lay to rest.Waitin' for her,Warrior to save her.From the pain,That can consume.Her heart,Always keepin' a smile.On her face at all time,Her life will be change.If her worrior bring her,Back to her body.She'll have to fight,Fight evilness.Goin' home,Home to evil.Home to love,Home where she.Belong.

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