Scars of the Heart

Sort of from the perspective of someone who feels like their friends are doing things without them, maybe feeling leftout. Shall leave this to your interpretation :)

Created by 4Shortstuff on Friday, April 13, 2012

She's done this.

He's done that.

but me?

I have yet to do any of that.

So do I feel like a baby,


inexperienced, and


Yes, I do.

But do they notice?

Do they care?

No, not really because

they're too busy

being big,

experiencing the world,

being old,

breaking rules,

living life,

and loving it too.


Why couldn't I

take some chanced,

break some rules,

and live my life?

Well, I can't live because they are my


So, I'll break some rules,

and fix my pain,

by scratching the itch

and holding the blade.

And when they have time

to notice me

They'll ask about these scars they see.

And I'll say,

"Oh they're no big deal."

Even I'm quite certain that they won't heal.

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