Its mine again


Created by Tay620 on Saturday, July 28, 2012

ThinkSitPurgeeat when i'm notin the moodManic depressionIm curedButIn the morning i run out ofthe confidence i learnedJust the night beforeI thought i was curedThe room next to mineWill smell of crime waves in all of mindlessSightless timesI threw up today and yesterdayAnd the next dayWill be okayI got it on my towelPressed white and pureJust the day afterThe nightI thought i was curedEatSitThinkpurgebingeblinkI turn on the showerand the ventLock the doors and hideThey dont know where i wentWater rushing in waves throughMy eyesFlows in riversAnd seas out the tunnel of liesIm pouring out todaysand some of yesterdaysCriesI cried out for helpBut i forgot the vent was onLong gonemy throat burnsBut throwing up is my outinside of my cure.

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