No one...

I'm kinda new in poem-thingy... so yeah... *hide*

Created by DevilKittyKat1 on Friday, August 03, 2012

Never have I felt...
Like I've been appricieted or being loved..
Before and After..
Have I feel calm..
Each time I return home....

The woman over there,
Always give me a grump,
The man over there,
Always nod as if she and he is always right,
And here I am...
Thinking if I'm alright...
Beneath my calm mask,
Beneath this fake happiness,
Held my secret,
My pain,
My sorrow,
My lost,
And my sadness...
Beneath all of those,
I always knew that I cannot fly,
Where all my emotion,
Only wanted to be free and alive,
But all I feel,
Is the pain as my wings being ripped apart...
When the silence night come,
And when the people surround me gone,
That would be the time,
Where I pull out my sharp weapon,
Tear the old scar open...
And let it bleeding..
Everytime I sleep,
I only thought about this,
" Will tommorow be the same or will it be new? ",
As my dream to the other land,
Turned into a nightmare...
All I can do,
Is making a silence scream,
And silence cry,
Where I had hurt,
Where my heart is knocking and thumping,
To get out of this world....
And I know...
No one can find me....
No one will know me...
No one will remember me...
And no one...
Really do love me...

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