Don't worry


Created by gingerific97 on Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don’t worry,

I know you never really loved her

Don’t worry

You don’t have to watch her fall

You’re too much of a coward to save her

So don’t try…

Don’t worry

People break all the time

She is no different

Or special

Don’t worry

You never knew her

You could never know her

Don’t worry

Her actions were her own

Don’t worry

The Pills were before you…


Don’t worry

No one expects you to say you are sorry

Even if you should.

Don’t worry

When you left her

Everyone knew that was forever

No one expects you to care

Don’t worry...

Cause this is your fault.

Cause you broke her.

Cause you lied

And you used her.

But you never loved her.

But you never knew her.

But you never saw her break

Or cry,

Or scream

Or die

So don’t worry…

She can’t break anymore…

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