I wrote this one just on a whim. I got caught up in kind of a firestorm of emotions and the immediate reaction--DING! Why don't you write something? I had a document called Hurricane and this poem started feeding into my head...that ever happen to you?

Created by katniss9034 on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My bones meld together

I’m in the eye of the storm

I feel so lost and I can’t say a word

How did this happen? How did I get here?

Remember, I once asked you

You didn’t want to hear

Didn’t want to know

How you had

Sent my world up in smoke

And here you are

Wanting to apologize

You say now you’ve learned

For burning words and then just outright lies

I don’t care

What you say

I block out your sounds and let the Hurricane sway me

Our friendship was a tropical storm

You are so typical, I should have been warned

I want my life back

I want my dreams back

I want my head back

You twisted my mind until I wasn’t me

You stole me so blind that now I can’t see

I close my eyes and cover my ears

Sit down on the ground

It’s my turn not to hear

Copyright katniss9034, 2012

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