I have dreams about this sometimes...says Keats... Just so you know, this was written in, like, 5 minutes...says Webster....

Created by TheSnakeCharmer on Monday, November 05, 2012

Your heart is pounding,
You break into a run,
The enemy's voice is sounding,
You soon know this will be done.

As you run into a dead end,
You hear his footsteps ringing,
You got no one, family nor friend,
An evil melody he be singing.

As he comes closer,
You look into his eyes,
Love you see? No sir;
All you see is hatered and despise.

The night is getting colder,
You can hardly breathe,
He pets something on his shoulders,
It then circles his neck like a wreath.

As you trip and fall,
You hit the ground hard.
Away, you try to crawl,
This is like playing Joker; a wild card.

He steps closer to you,
No one can save you now.
You look closer, you never knew,
Is this creature on this you allow?

You hear a hiss,
You hear a scoff,
It tangles his wrist,
Allowing it to come off...

The snake comes closer silently,
The man says, "Bite".
Your eyes flash frightingly,
Your life flashes in a sight,

The snake slithers back,
You feel a sudden pain,
Suddenly you sanity lack,
You are going iNsAnE....


As the venom peirces your heart,
You feel it slowing...
The pain throbs, you knew it from the start,
You feel you life going...

The snakes hiss neverending,
You feel weiry as your soul flies,
The man, the half-snake being,
Laughs until you close your eyes...


Later, a man walks up to you,
Frowns as your soul he reaps,
He didn't want to, but he knew,
He walks away as your soul sleeps.....


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